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Making a difference since 1889

Gans & Smith Insurance Agency, Inc. specializes in auto, home, health, life, and business insurance.

Insuring Longview and All of Texas

Our History:

Gans & Smith Insurance Agency, Inc. was organized in 1889 by J.R. and T.E. Clemmons, and has operated continuously during this period, with certain name changes. The agency assumed its present name in 1912, under the partnership of W. Bruner Smith and Daniel W. Gans. There have been no name changes, since, though several partners have come and gone during this time. Ownership of the agency at present is vested in four corporate principals.

Looking to the Future:

We may be over 100 years old, but we’re not living in the past – we are looking to the future with great anticipation. Gans & Smith Insurance Agency, Inc. has faith in the future of the American Agency System, and the independent agent. We dedicate ourselves to keeping abreast of the latest insurance coverage in order that we may offer our clients the best coverage, with the best company, at the best price.

We have seen and experienced the many changes from horse and buggy days through the years to the present, and with the cooperation of the many fine companies represented by this agency, we know that we are in a position to serve you (our insured) well into the present and into the future.

We are dedicated to our local communities by:

  • Protecting our finest families & businesses.
  • Cultivating strong relationships.
  • Partnering, volunteering, and serving in areas of need.
  • Delivering high-value risk management products & services.

What are our values and passions?

Ethics – We choose integrity in everything we do.

Knowledge – We value continual learning and pride ourselves in our experience.

Trust – We believe relationships are built on partnerships, honesty, and commitment.

Community – We believe in giving back with our time, talents, and resources.

Loyalty – We are committed to remaining independent & delivering on our promises.

No matter your insurance needs, we can help you find the perfect policy to give you peace of mind without breaking the bank. Contact us for a quote today!

Supporting East Texas

Recent News & Updates

Recent News & Updates


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